How to organise an outdoor event ?

Fundraising events can be a great way to raise money for a charity, but they are also time consuming and success depends on advance planning. To help you organise your event, here are some components that you must incorporate into your fundraising plan.

Crowds Enjoying Themselves At Outdoor Music Festival

  • Purpose and goal

You should first decide on the purpose of your event and think about the charity’s needs. Some charitable events have more than one goal so yours will depend on what you’re trying to achieve. Once the expenses are deducted, the net amount of money you plan to raise should be what you hoped for.

  • Target audience:

Think about who your target audience is and whether everyone can attend. If this fundraising event is geared towards specific people like young professionals or corporate companies, you should send out invites to those people only. In short, it is important to decide whom you’ll invite to your charity event.

  • Arrangements:

The staff you hire should help you plan the entire event well in advance. Arrangements include: the venue, whether food and drinks will be served, the entertainment, the dress code, and the itinerary for the event.

  • Marketing:

Just like a product or service that needs to be promoted, your fundraising event must also be marketed to your target audience. After all, your supporters must be convinced that your organisation is worthy of their time and money. To market your event, draw up a plan in order to get the word out. You can do this by mailing invitations, using social media networks, direct email marketing, and through the host committee.

  • Timing:

Nowadays, people seem to have less time socialising due to busy work or home schedules. Time is of essence so avoid arranging an event for the weekend as many people want to be with their families rather than attend your venue. Set a time for a Wednesday or Thursday and make sure you give your guests advance notice in case childcare has to be arranged. Also check to see your event isn’t clashing with a local fundraising event on that day.

  • Finding volunteers and equipment

When it comes to organising your event, you will need the help of your friends and family. Work out how many volunteers you’ll need and what additional equipment or props are required. If the number of participants is small, then a laptop should suffice. For larger venues with bigger crowds, it would be best to hire a DVD projector. Ask your friends to bring their garden chairs and tables and assign someone to meet and greet your guests as they enter the venue. You’ll also need drink servers, a cloakroom, and ticket sellers to help you out with the event. A speaker from the charity you are raising money for can explain how the donations will be used, and you can even invite a celebrity to incentivise attendance.

  • Sponsorship

To reduce costs, it may be advantageous to attract sponsorship or recruit corporate sponsors to get involved in your fundraising organisation event. When approaching prospective sponsors, make sure you have a clear idea as to how much money you’re expecting from them and what can be given in return.

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